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Sep 24, 2020 ·   Outdoor Kitchens

8ft Outdoor Kitchen in South Tampa FL designed and built by 

Cookin' Outdoors

Looking to add a custom-built 8ft Outdoor Kitchen on your back patio?  Cookin' Outdoors will work with you to design and build what you want to satisfy all your Outdoor Grilling and Cooking needs.

Did you know that Outdoor Kitchens by Cookin' Outdoors begin with a Concrete Foundation and Concrete Panel Walls? The finishing touches are always up to you! 

Fill out a Contact Form Submission or call us today at 813.363.8690 to schedule an on-site visit to discuss all your Outdoor Kitchen and Living needs!

Here is a custom 8ft Outdoor Kitchen designed and built by Cookin' Outdoors in South Tampa, FL. 

  • Outdoor Kitchen Concrete Foundation and Concrete Panel Walls  
  • Diana Royale Ledger Marble Facade, Outdoor Kitchen Granite Countertops (obsessed with the Turtle Granite!)
  • Outdoor Kitchen Grill with Double Access Doors underneath
  • Outdoor Kitchen Double Side Burners with Double Access Drawers underneath
  • Outdoor Kitchen Stainless Steel Refrigerator to keep all those special drinks and condiments nice and cold and easy to reach completes the 8’ Outdoor Kitchen in South Tampa, FL! 

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