Corner Outdoor Kitchen in Westchase, Tampa FL by

Cookin' Outdoors

Have a corner spot in your current patio?  Look what can be done!  Cozy little corner for two...or more.

This Outdoor Kitchen in Tampa began like all Outdoor Kitchens by Cookin' Outdoors - constructed with Concrete Foundation and Concrete Walls. 

Split-Faced Light Travertine Stone for the Facade with Granite for the Countertops finish the Outdoor Kitchen in Tampa, enhancing the patio and home.  Everything needed to start grilling, eating and enjoying!

  • Fire Magic Aurora 660i Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill 
  • 42" Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent to direct smoke outside
  • Stainless Steel sink and faucet
  • Refrigerator
  • Welcoming High-Bar Seating Area

Fire Magic Aurora 660i with Vent Hood


Corner Outdoor Kitchen Tampa FL

Corner Outdoor Kitchen in Westchase

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