Outdoor Living in Hammock Estates Odessa, FL by Cookin' Outdoors

New Outdoor Living Space in Hammock Estates boasts an expansive Outdoor Kitchen, Separate Smoker Station, Copper Fire Bowls and a Fire and Water Feature in a separate seating area.

All Outdoor Living Features by Cookin' Outdoors start the same - concrete construction - Cookin' Outdoors' design skills and your imagination decide the rest! 

The Outdoor Kitchen in this Outdoor Living Space has a Fire Magic Aurora 660i Grill and a Teppanyaki Grill to show off some mad cooking skills!

Unique Fire and Water Feature in a separate seating area with Copper Fire Bowls at the end of the pool complete this Outdoor Living Space in Odessa FL.

Outdoor Kitchen in Hammock Estates - Odessa, FL

  • Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Foundation and Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Walls
  • Mosaic Travertine Tile on the inside of Outdoor Kitchen
  • Split Faced Travertine Tile on the outside of the Outdoor Kitchen
  • Granite countertops 
  • Fire Magic Aurora 660i Grill and Teppanyaki Grill
  • Fire Magic Refrigerator and Icemaker 
  • Fire Magic Power Burner


  • Kegerator in the Outdoor Kitchen
  • Double pull-out Trash/Recycle bins in Outdoor Kitchen
  • Eye-level seating at the Outdoor Kitchen to observe all that is going on!
  • Separate Smoker Station for the Primo XL with ash chute to complement the Outdoor Kitchen and helps smoke drift outside
  • Double pull-out Trash/Recycle bins in Smoker Station

Fire and Water Features in Hammock Estates - Odessa, FL

  • Concrete Constructed Fire and Water Feature
  • Half-round Firepit using Lava Rocks to surround the flames
  • Cascading Gentle Waterfall brings the calmning, inspiring and even healing effects of water to this alcove seating area overlooking the expansive backyard
  • Mosaic Travertine Tile on face of the Fire and Water Feature with Granite top to match Outdoor Kitchen and Smoker Station
  • Copper Fire Bowls with 12" Fire Rings and Lava Rock on concrete platforms finished to match the rest of the Features in this Outdoor Living Space


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